After close to two year wait, Hill Farmstead Brewery will be rereleasing a barrel-aged version of the first beer it ever brewed.

As with previous incarnations, E. is a 7 percent ABV american pale ale fermented with Belgian yeast before being aged in oak barrels and dry-hopped with galaxy hops. The beer uses Hill Farmstead’s Edward (5.2 percent ABV) as its base and was last released in April 2014.

“E. is for Edward (1917-2002), my grandfather, as well as the name of the first beer that I brewed in my brewery on March 30, 2010,” reads a post on Hill Farmstead’s website. “E. is for Easter; brewing in Denmark revealed a European tradition of crafting Easter (Påske) beer. Finally, E is for entelechy, the continued actualization of our potential through spirited e ort and vision.”

In addition, Hill Farmstead will be also be releasing the newest incarnation of Everett, a 7.5 percent ABV porter brewed with a combination of German and American malts, American hops, yeast and well water that was first sold in 2010. The newest version of Everett will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($8) and will have a six bottle per person limit.

Accroding to the brewery, E. will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($30) and will be limited to three bottles per person when it goes on sale on March 16.