When it opens on Wednesday, Hill Farmstead Brewery will be rereleasing Flora Plum, a farmstead wheat ale aged in oak barrels with organic plums. The wheat saison uses the the Greensboro Bend, Vt.-based brewery’s Florence (5 percent ABV) as its base before it is aged in wine barrels. This is the second time that Flora Plum has been sold, after it was first released in May 2015.

“Selected barrels were aged on a variety of hand-picked organic plums from Elmore Roots Nursery in Elmore, Vt., for several months,” reads Hill Farmstead’s website.

There have been eight versions of Flora released in bottles.

  • Flora
  • Flora Blue/Black, aged on blueberries and blackberries
  • Flora Cherry, aged on Montmorency cherries
  • Flora Plum, aged on organic plums
  • Flora Blueberry, aged on blueberries
  • Flora Satsuma Mandarin, aged on Satsuma mandarin oranges
  • Flora Blueberry/Black Currant/Raspberry, aged on blueberries, black currants and raspberries
  • Flora Plum, aged on organic plums

According to a post on its website, Flora Plum will be packaged in 375ml bottles ($22) and will have a three bottle per person limit when it is released on Feb. 17 at the brewery.