One of Hill Farmstead Brewery’s longest running series will be getting a brand new addition this week.

Civil Disobedience #27 is a 6 percent ABV blend of several of the brewery’s different beers, including wine barrel-aged Dorothy; puncheon-aged Anna; an “experimental Farmstead ale featuring Perle hops”; and a “nearly 14-month-old” wine barrel-aged Brother Soigné. The ale was blended in the fall of 2018 and then packaged in Feb. 2018.

As the name indicates, this will be the 27th release in the Civil Disobedience line that debuted in 2011, each of which is composed of a blend of different beers that Hill Farmstead brews.

According to a post on the Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery’s website, Civil Disobedience #27 will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($30) that will have a two bottle per person purchase limit when it is released on Nov. 6.