Hill Farmstead Brewery is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Friedrich Nietzsche’s birth with a brand new creation named after one of his earliest works.

That beer is Birth of Tragedy: Coffee Collective Finca Vista Hermosa Natural and Alaka, an 11 percent ABV “imperial winter porter” aged in bourbon barrels for 28 months before being conditioned on organic cinnamon, Vermont honey, organic vanilla beans and a blend of coffee beans that includes Finca Vista Hermosa Natural beans from Huehuetenango, Guatemala and Alaka from the Guji region of Ethiopia that were sourced and roasted by The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark. As the name indicates, the new porter uses the Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery’s Birth of Tragedy as its base, which in turn is the imperial and barrel-aged version of the brewery’s seasonal winter porter named Twilight of the Idols.

Hill Farmstead has incorporated The Coffee Collective’s coffee into a number of recent releases, including: Genealogy of Morals – Coffee Collective: Akmel Nuri, an imperial wheat stout aged in “select bourbon barrels” for 20 months before being conditioned on Akmel Nuri’s Ethiopian coffee beans; Edith: Alaka, a 6 percent ABV “Dark Farmstead® ale” conditioned on Alaka coffee grown in the Guji region of Ethiopia; and Genealogy of Morals: Rum Barrel—Coffee Collective: Duver Rojas, a wheat imperial stout aged for more than 16 months in barrels that previously held Privateer rum before being conditioned on coffee from the Las Delicias farm in Huila, Colombia.

According to a post on Hill Farmstead’s website, Birth of Tragedy: Coffee Collective Finca Vista Hermosa Natural and Alaka will be available packaged 500ml bottles ($25) and will have a three bottle per person purchase limit when it goes on sale on Oct. 16.