This Wednesday, Hill Farmstead Brewery is releasing a new batch of its creation named after a beloved pet..

Clover is a blend of two famous ales from the Greensboro Bend, Vt.-based brewery: Ann and Art, both of which had been aged for 24 months in oak barrels before being blended into the final creation. The barrel-aged ale debuted in 2016 and was named after a “seemingly simple, completely composed cat” that roamed the brewery for years before passing away in 2014.

“She was independent, playful, occasionally subdued and reflective,” reads a post on Hill Farmstead’s website. “Clover was our compatriot, our guardian of grain, our huntress and our muse. We did not own Clover; she graced our presence, and we were glad for it.”

According to Hill Farmstead’s website, the newest batch of Clover will be packaged in 375ml bottles ($30) that will have a one bottle per person purchase limit when it is released on May 15.