Next week, Hill Farmstead Brewery will be releasing the a new beer and a new series.

The new series is Leaves of Grass, and the first beer is a 4.5 percent ABV “farmstead ale” brewed with green tea, citrus and “apple water” and fermented in oak. According to brewer Shawn the apple water is not apple juice, but instead is a “byproduct of Eden (Specialty Ciders of Newport, Vt.) ice cider’s ice distillation process.”

“Leaves of Grass represents our brewery’s collective pursuit to create, explore, and challenge,” reads a post on Hill Farmstead’s Instagram page. “For each batch, we employ uniquely different processes and ingredients, all of which further our understanding of the art and science of brewing.”

According to the brewery, Leaves of Grass will be packaged in 375ml bottles ($8) and will be available for sale at Hill Farmstead starting on Oct. 14 with a limit of two bottles per person.