This Wednesday, Hill Farmstead Brewery is releasing not one, but two brand new creations.

The first new release is Genealogy of Morals: Rum Barrel—Coffee Collective: Duver Rojas, a wheat imperial stout aged for more than 16 months in barrels that previously held Privateer rum before being conditioned on coffee from the Las Delicias farm in Huila, Colombia that was sourced and roasted by The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark. The base beer is the Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery’s Genealogy, an imperial stout that is conditioned in stainless steel, and the name of the series was taken from a book published by the German philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche in 1887.

In addition, Hill Farmstead will be selling Leaves of Grass: December 6, 2017, an ale brewed with organic Vermont oats, organic Vermont spelt and New Zealand hops before being aged in oak puncheons for six months and bottle-conditioned in bottle for almost 10 additional months. The new ale is part of the brewery’s Leaves of Grass Series, which sees the brewery use “uniquely different processes and ingredients, all of which further our understanding of the art and science of brewing” for each release. The series debuted in October 2015 with Leaves of Grass: July 5, 2015, a 4.5 percent ABV “farmstead ale” brewed with green tea, citrus and “apple water” that was fermented in oak.

According to a post on Hill Farmstead’s website, both Genealogy of Morals: Rum Barrel—Coffee Collective: Duver Rojas and Leaves of Grass: December 6, 2017 will be packaged in 375ml bottles priced at $22 and $16 each respectively. In addition, Genealogy of Morals: Rum Barrel—Coffee Collective: Duver Rojas will have a one bottle per person purchase limit and Leaves of Grass: December 6, 2017 will have a three bottle per person purchase limit when they are both released at the brewery on May 1.