Tomorrow, fans of Hill Farmstead will have the chance to enjoy the return of Fear & Trembling and a new variant of Flora.

This year’s Fear & Trembling is a Baltic-style porter brewed with malts smoked over native woods and conditioned in stainless steel tanks. The lager was the Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery’s first collaboration, with Anders Kissmeyer, and has previously incorporated Danish-smoked malts and aged in a variety of barrels.

The day also marks the arrival of the fifth variant of Flora to be released this year, after plum, cherry/raspberry/kiwi, pear, and blueberry/black currant/raspberry/cherry Flora Raspberry is a wheat saison that uses Hill Farmstead Florence (5 percent ABV) as its base before aging in wine barrels with raspberries from Fisher Brothers Farm in Shelburne, Vt.

According to the brewery’s release page, Fear & Trembling will be packaged in 500ml bottles, priced at $10 each, and limited to four per customer. Flora Raspberry will be in 375ml bottles for $20 each and limited to two per customer. Both beers will be available only at the brewery.