Tomorrow, Hill Farmstead Brewery will be releasing variants in two of its popular series.

First, Civil Disobedience Plum is “comprised primarily of Arthur, aged in barrels for over 24 months, and then conditioned for many months atop multiple varieties of fresh, local plums from Champlain Orchards in Shoreham, Vermont,” according to the brewery’s website. The base beer, Arthur, clocks in at 6 percent ABV.

In addition, Hill Farmstead will be releasing Leaves of Grass: July 15, 2016, an ale brewed with wheat, spelt and yarrow before being aged in wine barrels for more than six months.

“Leaves of Grass represents our brewery’s collective pursuit to create, explore, and challenge,” explains a post on Hill Farmstead’s Instagram page. “For each batch, we employ uniquely different processes and ingredients, all of which further our understanding of the art and science of brewing.”

Both Civil Disobedience Plum ($20) and Leaves of Grass: July 15, 2016 ($16) are packaged in 375ml bottles and will have a one bottle per person purchase limit when they are released on Dec. 6 at Hill Farmstead’s bottle shop in Greensboro, Vt.