When Hill Farmstead Brewery opens on Wednesday, there will be a new release it its series of “nonviolent protest against the homogenization of flavor.”

The new release will be Civil Disobedience #21, a blend of various different beers including Anna, Elaborative 4 and a “mélange of Leaves of Grass”, all of which have been aged in a “diversity of barrels” for between 10 to 25 months. This will be the 21st release in the Civil Disobedience line, each of which is composed of a blend of different beers that Hill Farmstead brews. The original release of Civil Disobedience #1 (7 percent ABV) was sold in 2011, while Civil Disobedience #20 was released in June.

According to a post on the Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery’s website, Civil Disobedience #21 will be released on Aug. 30, with prices and bottle limits to be announced.