When Hill Farmstead opens on Wednesday, there will be a both new beer and a much loved classic for sale.

According to a post on the Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery’s Instagram page, the new beer will be Civil Disobedience #16, a blend of five different beers, all of which have been aged in wine oak barrels for between eight and 30 months. The new ale is packaged in 750ml bottles ($30) and will have a limited of four bottles per person when it goes on sale.

This will be the 16th release in the Civil Disobedience line, each of which has a blend of different beers that Hill Farmstead brews. The original release of Civil Disobedience #1 (7 percent ABV) was sold in 2011, while Civil Disobedience #15 was released in Nov. 2015.

In addition, Hill Farmstead will also be releasing a new batch of Florence, a 5 percent ABV wheat saison that was first sold in 2010. The beer will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($10) and will not have a purchase limit when it goes on sale on at the brewery on Wednesday.