Next week, Hill Farmstead Brewery will be rereleasing two beers that fans have seen before.

First is Elaborative Four, a 3.2 percent ABV “farmstead ale” that was inspired by the German radler-style beer and was brewed with “ample amounts” of grapefruit zest and juice and oats. The ale was originally released in 2015 and was brewed in collaboration with Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery, Crooked Stave Artisan Ales and Side Project Brewing.

The second beer to be released next week will be Brother Soigné, a farmstead ale brewed with lime, hibiscus, and blood orange under Hill Farmstead’s Grassroots Brewing brand. The ale was first released in 2013 and was brewed in collaboration with Luc Bim Lafontaine, formerly of Canada’s Dieu du Ciel!

According to a post on Hill Farmstead’s website, both of the newest incarnations of Brother Soigné and Elaborative 4 will be packaged in 750ml bottles priced at $10 each and will have no purchase limits.