When Hill Farmstead Brewery opens on Wednesday, there will be two new beers for sale: one is a variant of a classic, while the other is an addition to a popular series.

According to a post on the Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery’s website, the first beer will be Civil Disobedience #23, a “barrel-aged Farmstead® ale” that is a blend of beers brewed in Nov. 2014 and May 2015 including Arthur and Florence ales that were aged in wine barrels that formerly held Le Sarrasin and Art, as well as a “single thread” of wine barrel-aged Anna. This will be the latest release in Hill Farmstead’s Civil Disobedience Series that debuted in 2011, each of which is “a unique union of carefully selected beers chosen by our brewers to weave often disparate threads into a picture far greater than its individual elements.”

In addition, Hill Farmstead will also be releasing Barrel-Aged Table Dorothy, “Farmstead® table pale ale” brewed with American malted barley and malted wheat before being aged in wine barrels for six months and dry-hopped with both Mosaic and Simcoe hops. As the name suggests, the new beer uses the brewery’s Dorothy pale ale as its base.

According to a post on Hill Farmstead’s website, Barrel-Aged Table Dorothy is packaged in 375ml bottles priced at $16 each while Civil Disobedience #23 is packaged in 750ml bottles priced at $35 each. Both beers will have a purchase limit of three bottles per person when it goes on sale at the brewery on Feb. 27.