Hill Farmstead Brewery’s next release is named after one of Søren Kierkegaard’s most influential works.

The Greensboro, Vt.-based brewery is releasing the newest incarnation of Fear And Trembling, a 9 percent ABV Baltic-style porter that was brewed with malt that was hand smoked over “a blend of native woods” by Anders Kissmeyer, who owns Denmark-based Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing. The beer was then fermented with lager yeast before being conditioned in stainless steel.

This is the fifth time Fear And Trembling has been sold:

  • Fear And Trembling (9.3 percent ABV)
  • Fear And Trembling – Bourbon (9.3 percent ABV) — Aged in used Sam Adams Utopias barrels
  • Fear And Trembling – French Oak (9.3 percent ABV) — Aged in French oak cabernet barrels
  • Fear And Trembling — Blend (9.3 percent ABV) — A blend of beers aged in both American oak cabernet barrels and bourbon barrels

According to a post on Hill Farmstead’s website, Fear And Trembling is packaged in 500ml bottles ($10) and will have a limited of four bottles per person when it goes on sale at Hill Farmstead today.