The first collaboration in a new series between Highland Park Brewery and Monkish Brewing Co. is going on sale today.

The beer is Holly Leaf Cherry Somewhereness, a 5.8 percent ABV saison conditioned on “about 1 pound per gallon” of Hollyleaf Cherry, a fruit native to the coastal areas of California as well as parts of the Mojave desert. In addition, the saison was features cultures from both breweries and was aged in neutral oak barrels in Highland Park’s parking lot.

According to a post on Highland Park’s Instagram page, Holly Leaf Cherry Somewhereness is the first release in a new series of “parking lot fermentation explorations” collaborations with Monkish.

Holly Leaf Cherry Somewhereness is packaged in 500ml bottles ($14) and will have a two bottle limit when it goes on sale today via Eventbrite at noon PST. There will be approximately 700 bottles available and pickups will start March 17 at Highland Park.

In addition, proxies are allowed for this release.