Another craft brewery has a new owner: a large, global brewery.

According to a press release, while Heineken Brewing Co. will own 50 percent of Lagunitas Brewing Co., the Petaluma, Calif.-based brewery will continue to operate independently, with founder Tony Magee, staff and brewers remaining in place. In addition, all of the same recipes and suppliers will remain the same as well.

“This venture will create a way for Lagunitas to help Heinken’s global distribution network participate in the growing craft beer category in places from Tierra Del Fuego and Mongolia to the far-flung Isle of Langerhans,” said Magee in a press release. “Lagunitas will share in the best quality processes in the world and enjoy an open door to opportunities that took lifetimes to build. This alliance with the world’s most international brewer represents a profound victory for American craft. It will open doors that had previously been shut and bring the U.S. craft beer vibe to communities all over the world.”

“We are very excited to partner with Lagunitas,” added Jean-François van Boxmeer, ceo of Heineken. “We recognize and respect the tremendous success of Tony and his team in building one of the great American Craft Beer brands. We look forward to that same team partnering with us to expand Lagunitas globally, so it can reach parts that other craft beer brands have not.”

The press release indicates that the partnership details have been agreed to and the deal is expected to close in early fourth quarter.