Change is in the wind at Jester King Brewery.

According to a post on the Austin-based brewery’s website, head brewer Garrett Crowell has decided to leave order to open his own brewery. Crowell joined Jester King in March 2012 as a volunteer before being hired as a  brewer in October that same year. In 2013 he was named head brewer and was an integral part of creating the brewery’s mixed culture of brewer’s yeast that is used to ferment almost all of the its beers.

“Through his thoughtfulness, creativity, and skill, Garrett has done an exemplary job helping us make beer tied to a time, place, and people,” says a statement on Jester King’s website. “His work has helped us document our natural surroundings through beer and breath life into our core philosophy. He’s also done a wonderful job representing us publicly and spreading the gospel of mixed culture fermentation. We expect continued great things from Garrett going forward.”

Earlier this year, Adrienne Ballou, who headed up Jester King’s barrel program, departed the brewery to pursue a career in the wine industry. The two were promoted to their respective positions in 2014.

An email sent to the brewery for information on who would replace Crowell as head brewer was not immediately returned.