The rock band Guns N’ Roses is suing Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective, the parent company of Oskar Blues Brewery, over a beer the brewery released last year named Guns ’N’ Rosé. 

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in California yesterday, the band alleges that the Longmont, Colo.-based brewery violated the band’s trademarks on its name when it introduced Guns ’N’ Rosé ale last year.

Interestingly, the suit claims that Oskar Blues agreed to stop selling Guns ‘N’ Rosé and all related merchandise, but not until 2020. The band argues that the timeline is not acceptable and damages its rights.

The band claims it reached out to the brewery last December and began discussions about the beer. In the suit, it claims that the ceo for the brewery—it’s not entirely if that is a reference to Oskar Blues or Canarchy—claimed that they didn’t realize there was a trademark for Guns N’ Roses and also said that it was unaware of musicians using their name on alcoholic beverages.

After Guns N’ Rose’s opposition, Oskar Blues abandoned the beer’s label filings with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

In addition to damages, the band is requesting all Guns ‘N’ Rosé branded items—packaging, merchandise and digital assets—be delivered to it so the band can destroy it.