After working together on various projects for the last year, Alpine Beer Company has announced that it will be acquired by Green Flash Brewing Co.

Expanding Alpine’s overall production is a focal point for the deal, with the overall hope that the company’s beers will one day be offered outside of its home state of California. According to a press release, both breweries will continue to operate independently, and Pat Mcilhenney will continue his role as Alpine’s president and brewmaster.

A “handshake” partnership between the two breweries began in November of 2013 in order to help Alpine help raise money needed to expand its brewing capacity. According to the company, Alpine’s current brewery is limited to producing 1,500 barrels of beer per year. In the last year, Green Flash has brewed an additional 1,500 barrels of Alpine’s Duet IPA, Hoppy Birthday IPA and Nelson IPA for draft consumption.

“It was both intriguing and challenging to meld our philosophies while we worked together to scale up Pat’s recipes to be brewed in larger quantities,'” said Chuck Silva, brewmaster of Green Flash. “We worked together to stay true to the original beer and were very happy with the ultimate results.”

Next year, Green Flash will begin brewing some of Alpine’s beers for 22-ounce bottles and collaborations between the two companies are already being discussed. In addition, The deal also allows for Alpine will be able to offer 401k plans to its 20 employees for the first time, as well as expanded health care options.

“This partnership is win-win-win,” said Mike Hinkley, Green Flash founder. “Green Flash wins because we are teaming up with a truly iconic brewery.  Alpine wins because they get to see their beers enjoyed by so many more of their adoring fans.  But most of all, beer geeks everywhere win, because Chuck and Pat will be working together to create beers that will blow their minds.”