Next week, one of most popular Bourbon County Brand Stout variants ever released by Goose Island Beer Co. is taking a final bow.

The Chicago-based brewery has announced it will be releasing the “very last bottles and draft” of Bourbon County Vanilla Rye during the Bye Bye Vanilla Rye event taking place on Feb. 19. Originally released in 2014, Vanilla Rye was aged in rye whiskey barrels for one year before being conditioned on whole vanilla beans sourced from both Madagascar and Mexico and packaged in 22-ounce bottles.

“While this was not our first foray in vanilla stouts, it has been highly regarded as one of the best beers ever released from Goose Island and certainly the benchmark vanilla Imperial Stout,” reads a post from the brewery. “You will never see this beer at a festival, in the taproom, at Clybourn, or at any other Goose Island function ever again.”

According to Goose Island, tickets to the Bye Bye Vanilla Rye event taking place at the Clybourn Brewhouse in Chicago on Feb. 19 will cost $150 and will include:

  • Admission for two guests
  • One 22-ounce bottle of 2014 BCS Vanilla Rye
  • Two six-ounce pours of 2014 BCS Vanilla Rye
  • A selection of chef-curated, vanilla-themed hors d’oeuvres

Tickets to the event will go on sale at this website at 10 a.m. CST.