After a two year absence, Goose Island Beer Co. has rereleased Rasselbock.

As with the first time it was released, the beer is a 6.8 percent ABV dunkelroggenweizenbock brewed with Hallertau hops and rice hulls as well as Munich, rye, wheat and midnight wheat malts. The German-style dark wheat beer was first released in March of 2014, and is part of the Chicago, Ill.-based brewery’s Fulton and Wood Series, which is named after the intersecting roads that the original Fulton Street Brewery is located on.

“There was particular attention to the malt bill using pale munich, wheat and rye,” reads the Goose Island website. “There was no fruit harmed in the making of this beer, however you can’t avoid the beautiful banana esters and clove phenals that the Weihenstephan weizen yeast expresses.”

According to a post on Goose Island’s Instagram page, Rasselbock is packaged in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles, and is shipping now in Chicago as well as “several other select markets.”