Two months after announcing that it was looking into claims of infection in two more of its popular Bourbon County Brand Stout variants, the results are in, and the news is not good.

According to a post on the Goose Island Beer Co.’s website, some batches of both 2015 Bourbon County Bourbon County Brand Stout and Proprietor’s Stout have developed “off flavors” that “are not to our standards.” Comments on multiple Facebook groups and craft beer forums indicate these beers had developed similar taste issues as those that plagued the Coffee and Barleywine releases as far back as Dec. 2015.

If the wording sounds familiar, it is because it is extremely similar to the statement that was released by Goose Island after the brewery announced refunds of both 2015 Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout and Bourbon County Brand Barleywine in January.

In that case, Goose Island offered refunds of those two beers based on the honor system.

However, for this newest recall which begins today and goes through Sept. 15, the brewery is requiring proof of purchase for each bottle in order to get a refund due to some fans who “chose to take advantage of the previous policy.”

Consumers must take a photograph of the neck label and back label for each bottle, with a time stamp clearly visible and seal both the photographs and the label in an envelope with a printed form. Goose Island will be refunding customers $15 per bottle for BCS even though the MSRP was $9.99 each. In addition, the brewery will be refunding $25 per bottle for Proprietor’s, even though MSRP was $14.99.

Goose Island BCS Refund Example

The date codes that are eligible for refunds are:

  • Bourbon County Stout: 10/9/15, 10/12/15, 10/21/15, 10/22/15, 10/23/15, 10/26/15, 10/30/15, 11/4/15 and 11/5/15
  • Bourbon County Stout Proprietor’s: 9/18/15

The two remaining 2015 variants—BCS Regal Rye and BCS Rare—have shown no signs of the same issues so far. In addition, according to comments on Goose Island’s Facebook page, there was no signs of “lactobacillus acetotolerans outside of the dates listed” for both BCS and Proprietor’s.

Update (July 15, 2016) — This post was updated to include updated details on refund amount for BCS Proprietor’s.