If you find yourself “down under” and someone in your company says “let’s get a drink, it’s my shout,” you’re in luck. Your companion has suggested a fine idea and is offering to pay for your beverage.

My Shout is a release in Goose Island Beer Co.’s  Fulton and Wood Series that is brewed with Australian sparkling ale yeast, 2-row and C-40 malts as well as nugget and Super Saazer hops. The corner of Fulton and Wood in Chicago is the location of Goose Island’s original brewery, and this particular intersection also lends it’s name to a special series of beers that are the results of experimentation and innovation.

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My Shout was released previously as a draft-only option in 2015. For this newest incarnation, the ale is being packaged in 12-ounces but will maintain the 5 percent ABV of it’s predecessor, according to a label submitted to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB.)

An email sent to Goose Island seeking further information was not immediately returned.