In case you have no idea what cascara is, it’s not the stuff that gets applied to eyelashes.

Grisette’s are a type of Belgian saison with a relatively low ABV, while cascara is the dried fruit of coffee cherries. For this Fulton & Wood release the combination “creates a crisp and refreshing, dry ale with hibiscus and raspberry notes” according to an Eventbrite listing from Goose Island.

The Fulton & Wood Series by Chicago’s Goose Island provides the opportunity for employees to work with brewers to “concept new, exciting beers from scratch” according to Goose Island’s website. Lill’ Moxie was the first to launch from Fulton and Wood in 2017, both events support charities.

Cascara Grisette will be launched from the Naperville, Ill. restaurant Empire Burgers and Brews on June 8. Proceeds from the launch party at Empire are designated to benefit DuPage Pads, an organization working to end homelessness.

An email sent to Goose Island requesting additional information was not immediately returned.