A bill allowing Georgia breweries to sell beer directly to the public is one step closer to becoming law.

S.B. 85 passed the Georgia Senate with a vote of 52-1 today, after passing the Georgia House on a vote of 147-14 on March 13.

The bill would allow breweries to sell up to 3,000 barrels of beer, or 93,000 gallons, per year directly to customers, who would be able to consume by the glass or purchase up to a case of beer to go. It would also allow consumers to buy food and beer from the breweries without having to purchase a tour package.

Currently, if you want to drink beer on premise at a brewery in Georgia, it’s required to be part of a tour package.

An earlier version of the bill introduced by Sen. Rick Jeffares, R-McDonough, passed was passed by the Senate on Feb. 2, but that version included language that was changed by the House. It does not appear that any of the changes made by relate directly to the new beer laws, rather clarifications to avoid the bill affecting existing laws regarding distilleries and winemakers.

S.B. 85 now heads to Gov. Nathan Deal’s desk. If signed, the new law would take effect on Sept. 1.