Today is Garrett Crowell’s last day as the head brewer at Jester King Brewery, but he is already making plans for what happens next.

In emails with Tenemu, Crowell described various plans for yet to be named new brewery that could possibly be located “somewhere in the great yonder of the TX Hill Country,” including the fact that it will not be focusing on any particular beer styles or guidelines.

In addition, Crowell will be working with girlfriend Adrienne Ballou, who headed up Jester King’s barrel program before departing the brewery earlier this year to pursue a career in wine making.

“This beer is going to be like a lump of clay, weathered and formed by it’s surroundings in many facets and capacities,” wrote Crowell in an email to Tenemu. “Think of a beer that’ll have as much of a place cooling in the current of a river while you’re fishing, as it does on the table for a meal.”

However, possibly the biggest revelation is the fact that unlike his work at Jester King, Crowell will not be concentrating on sour beers, and in fact, may not be producing sour beers at all, at least at first. According to the former head brewer at the Austin-based brewery, this decision has less to do with the possible proximity to the infamous sour beer producer, and more to do with an evolving personal preference:

“After making acid forward beer for nearly five years, tasting and drinking them day in and day out… they just kind of wore out on me I suppose,” said Crowell. “I find myself wanting to drink pilsner, kolsch, Mexican lager, and the “classic” saison (Blaugies, Dupont, Thiriez etc.) more than anything else. I mean, I’ll assuredly make some beer with a degree of acidity/tartness, but the goal is nothing blatant or deliberately sour.”

In addition to getting the new brewery up and running, Crowell will be working with various other breweries as an independent consultant as well as recording music under the moniker car parker.

According to Crowell, while a specific timeline is still being finalized, he is hoping to debut beers from his new brewery in 2018.