Next year, a popular limited release from Funky Buddha Brewing is going to be packaged in smaller bottles for the first time.

Last Snow is a 6.5 percent ABV porter brewed with coconut and freshly-roasted coffee that debuted in 2011 and has been part of the Oakland Park, Fla.-based brewery’s Little Buddha Small Batch Series. In an email, John Linn, marketing director at Funky Buddha, told Tenemu that the porter will be moving over to the brewery’s Goodness Series, which is made up of a number of seasonal releases throughout the year.

According to Linn, the newest version of Last Snow will be packaged in 12-ounce bottles—replacing the 22-ounce bottles that it has historically been sold in—and is schleulded to be released across Funky Buddha’s entire distribution network  in “early 2018” and again in September.