Fort Collins, Colo.-based Funkwerks and Fort Worth, Texas-based Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. have teamed up to produce 287 Northbound and 287 Southbound.

This collaboration is a Belgian-style lager wit brewed with spices with a 7 percent ABV.

“I went to brewing school at Siebel with Brad Lincoln and Gordon Schunk, co owner of Funkwerks,” said Craig Mycoskie, director of brewing operations for Rahr & Sons. “While I was in Colorado I kept up with their opening and bought their first keg sold in Denver while I was a brewer at Wynkoop Brewing. I’ve kept up with them since coming down to Texas, and after they entered our market a year ago we starting thinking of a collaboration to do together. It has been almost a year in the making, and the liquid that is coming out is a great representation of our breweries.”

“This collaboration utilizes practices from both breweries,” according to Gordon Schuck, co-owner of Funkwerks. “Funkwerks contributes the big Belgian flavors with the yeast strain and spices, while Rahr&Sons imparts the knowledge of fermenting lagers and a long conditioning process. The final product speaks to this collaborative effort.The appearance is light golden straw with pillowing white foam. The aroma gives off a great balance of spice and light malt. The taste is citrus and chamomile up front. The finish is where the big difference is with most Belgian beers, it is much cleaner and crisper due to the lager yeast and aging time.”

287 Southbound, brewed at Funkwerks, is tentatively set to be released in starting on March 19, with 750ml bottles and kegs will go out to Colorado immediately. Some will also be going out to Arizona, Iowa, and Dallas-Fort Worth in April.

Rahr & Sons has brewed 287 Northbound is set to be released in the first week of April. It will be available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and possibly Austin in 22-ounce bottles, 1/6 BBL kegs and 1/2 BBL kegs.