It turns out the rumors that have been swirling around for the last six months are true.

On Dec. 1, Founders Brewing Co. will be rereleasing CBS—better known as Canadian Breakfast Stout—an imperial stout that is brewed with chocolate and a blend of coffees before being aged for over a year in spent bourbon barrels that were most recently aging maple syrup. The beer was first released in 22-ounce bottles in October of 2011, and was rereleased as a draft-only option exclusively in one-quarter-bbl kegs that were distributed to the brewery’s entire 32 state network in 2014.

In addition, labels indicate that Founders will also be adding new incarnations of Bolt Cutter, Project Pam, Lizard of Koz and Sweet Repute to the Barrel-Aged Series as well, although those labels do not have a the 2017 date on them.

As with the rest of Founders’ Barrel-Aged Series, the newest incarnation of CBS will be packaged in 750ml bottles, while 12-ounce bottles are scheduled to begin heading exclusively to the brewery’s international markets outside of the U.S. in mid- to late December.

An email sent to the brewery for additional information was not immediately returned.