Just days after Founders Brewing Co. announced the rerelease of the first Backstage Series beer, an even more historic Founders beer is returning, albeit only on tap.

While exact amounts were not made known, the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based brewery has confirmed to Tenemu that Canadian Breakfast Stout is being rereleased exclusively in one-quarter-bbl kegs and will be distributed to the brewery’s entire 32 state network. First released in 22-ounce bottles in October of 2011, the 10.6 percent ABV imperial stout is brewed with chocolate and a blend of coffees before being aged for over a year in spent bourbon barrels that were most recently aging maple syrup. In addition, Founders also filled a limited number of one-half-bbl kegs to be tapped only in its taproom.

“We were able to acquire a limited number of maple syrup bourbon barrels about a year ago and decided to age an imperial stout brewed with coffee and chocolate in said barrels,” said Sarah Aldrich, Founders communication manager, in an email. “It just so happened that the beer was ready in time for the holidays. Funny how those things work out :)”

According to the brewery, the first batch of the beer was put into maple syrup barrels from BLiS Gourmet on Oct. 21, 2013, and while there is “no hard launch date,” kegs began showing up in various locations in the Lansing, Mich. area last week.