We now know where those 12-ounce bottles of Canadian Breakfast Stout 2017 will be going.

In an email to Tenemu, Jena Dean, spokesperson for Founders Brewing Co., confirmed that the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based brewery will be shipping 12-ounce bottles of CBS—better known as Canadian Breakfast Stout—exclusively to the 27 countries in its international distribution network outside of the U.S. This will include Canada, which will be receiving the imperial stout for the first time.

“The 750ml bottle is not a package type that is commonly found in the international markets we serve and, considering we are currently in 27 countries outside of the US, we opted to package a run of CBS in 355mL bottles so our non-American pals could get some of this highly-anticipated beer,” said Dean in an email.

As with previous incarnations, the imperial stout is brewed with chocolate and a blend of coffees before being aged for over a year in spent bourbon barrels that were most recently aging maple syrup. This will be the third time the stout has been released: it debuted in 22-ounce bottles in October of 2011 and returned as a draft-only option in one-quarter-bbl kegs that were distributed nationally in 2014.

While the 750ml bottles ($24.99) will begin shipping to American outlets on Dec. 1, the 12-ounce bottles are scheduled to begin heading exclusively to the brewery’s international markets outside of the U.S. in mid- to late December.