A former draft-only beer from Founders Brewing Co. is making the jump to become a seasonal release.

Civilized Brut is a 6 percent ABV “extra dry” IPA that was inspired by Brut Champagne. The IPA was released earlier this year as a draft-only option by the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based brewery, but that version came in at a slightly lower 5.6 percent ABV and was brewed with toasted flaked rice as well as six different varieties of hops.

“Like a fine Brut Champagne, this IPA is brilliantly bubbly, refreshingly crisp and stunningly clear,” says a post on Founders’ website. “Designed for a more sophisticated IPA drinker, Civilized Brut has a clean and restrained bitterness. The clarity and malt sweetness allow the hop notes to tantalize your senses in a bold yet never-overpowering way.”

According to Founders, Civilized Brut IPA will be packaged in both six- and 15-packs of 12-ounce cans that is scheduled to be shipped across the brewery’s entire distribution network from November through March 2020.