After more than a year of waiting, Foothills Brewing Co.’s limited porter is back and in bottles.

The beer is Moravian Porter, which uses the Winston Salem, N.C.-based brewery’s People’s Porter (6.25 percent ABV) as a base before adding nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger “in the same proportionate amounts that are used in traditional Moravian cookie recipes.” In addition, the brewery also added blood orange and mandarin orange essence to the mix.

A post on Foothills’ website explains the history as well as the brewery’s process in creating the beer:

Quick background: the Moravians are the oldest Protestant denomination, and purchased close to 100,000 acres of land here in NC in the 1760s. They subsequently named the region Wachovia and settled here, bringing their unobtrusive lifestyle and simple ways to our part of the country.

And cookies. They brought killer cookies.

If you’ve never had them (you poor soul), Moravian Spice Cookies are a paper-thin mix of molasses and spices seemingly sent straight from heaven. We talked about our area’s shared Moravian legacy, and decided it should be honored with a brew inspired by the simplicity and fellowship central to the Moravian way of life. And one that uses their cookie stuff as well.

Moravian Porter was first released in November 2014 as a draft-only option at the brewery.

According to Foothills, Moravian Porter will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles and will be available for sale at the brewery on Nov. 27.