Foothills Brewing Co. has announced the date when it will release bottles of Sexual Chocolate, the brewery’s popular 9.7 percent ABV imperial stout, and this year there is a twist.

According to a post on the brewery’s website, Sexual Chocolate 2017 will be released first on Jan. 28, 2017 at the Winston-Salem, N.C. brewery.  As was the case last year, Sexual Chocolate will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles ($15), but for the first time tin the brewery’s history, there will not be a purchase limit on bottles.

In addition, as in years past, Foothills will host a party the Friday night before and then allow people to begin lining up at 2 a.m.


Sexual Chocolate was first conceived and brewed back in 1996 when Jamie Bartholomaus, the owner of Foothills, was in college. He and a few friends home brewed the first iteration of this beer to celebrate Valentine’s Day and named it for a band from an Eddie Murphy movie. It was first brewed commercially in 2007 and first released in bottles in 2008.

In addition, Sexual Chocolate does see limited distribution and there is also a barrel-aged version that is typically released later on in the year.

Update (Jan. 11, 2016) — This post was updated to include details on the release date, bottle limits and pricing. It was originally published on Dec. 7, 2016.