Flying Dog Brewery is no stranger to producing single hop IPAs, and its newest release continues the trend.

The Frederick, Md.-based brewery will be releasing Single Hop Imperial IPA Columbus, a 10 percent ABV IPA that, as its name suggests, exclusively incorporates columbus hops into the beer.

“Bitterness, flavor and aroma, in that order,” reads the label filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). “Brewing involves a precise schedule of hop additions, with certain varieties used with one purpose in mind. This year, we’re taking this exploratory series in a new direction by working with hops that are typically reserved solely for initial buttering, not necessarily for aroma and flavor. Because maybe timing isn’t everything.”

The new beer is the third release in Flying Dog’s 2015 Single Hop Imperial IPA series, which the brewery says is “a way for our genius brewers to highlight the minute characteristics of individual hop varieties.” The first release, Single Hop Imperial IPA HBC-431 (10 percent ABV) was released in February, while the second release, Single Hop Imperial IPA Warrior (10 percent ABV) was released in April. The final release of the year, Single Hope Imperial IPA Apollo is scheduled to be released in October. The series started back in 2011.

According to a post on Flying Dog’s website, Single Hop Columbus will be packaged in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and will be released in July. An email sent to the brewery for additional details was not immediately returned.