Following news of their expansion in April 2014, the FireWheel Brewing Co. has completed construction of a new facility, with plans to unveil the site during a daylong celebration on Dec. 6.

Located at 3313 Enterprise Dr. in the Dallas suburb of Rowlett, founder Brad Perkinson has spent the last few months prepping the space while installing a new 15-barrel brewhouse. He’s also built a fifty-five-foot service bar to anchor the brewery’s new taproom. Now, he and brewer Nate Breitzman are ready to showcase their work as they prepare to take the next big step in FireWheel’s future.

In anticipation of the opening, several new beers are in the works, one of which will be an Imperial red ale called Redneck Redemption (9.3% ABV). The brewery will also bring back Cool Beans, a limited-edition espresso porter that was first released last year. These will be tapped alongside other FireWheel brews on the day of the event. Among the beers expected to be available are year-round offerings Texas Pale Ale, Midnight Ninja Imperial Black Ale, Special #1 Brown Ale and StrIPA Strawberry IPA.

Releases will remain draft-only as they have been since the brewery’s inception. Now in its third year of operation, FireWheel also continues to self-distribute its products, something that is not expected to change in the foreseeable future. Commenting just prior to beginning of the project, Perkinson said his goal was to make the brewery better able “to make a greater variety of high quality, artisan beer.”

FireWheel has moved out of its original location.