Firestone Walker Brewing Co.has started shipping the third of four “wild child” beers that it will be relasing in its Barrelworks wild ale brand lineup this year.

That new creation will be Bretta Blanc, an 8.9 percent ABV wild ale fermented with white wine grapes from David Walker’s family vineyard that has been aged for up to three years in French oak barrels.

“Bretta Blanc is all about offering a soft Champagne-like mouthfeel for maximum warm weather drinkability in late summer and early fall,” said Jim Crooks, Barrelworks’ master blender, in a press release. “It’s one of the easiest-drinking wild ales you’ll ever taste.”

The other two wild ales released this year from the brewery were Bretta Tangerine, a 6.2 percent ABV berliner weisse style wheat beer fermented with tangerines; and Ferel One batch #6, a 6.5 percent ABV American wild ale brewed with bretta weisse, chenin blanc hybrid, lil’ opal, and pivo grapes, then aged in French and American oak barrels for between 12-50 months.

According to a press release sent to Tenemu, Bretta Blanc is shipping now to retailers across Firestone Walker’s distribution network packaged in  in 375ml bottles.