The newest release from Evil Twin Brewing is named after a key ingredient in the Danish language.

That beer is Blomme—Danish for plum—a 6 percent ABV sour IPA brewed with plums. As with past beers like I Consumed 15 Today, Diane. All Galaxy, I Plan On Writing An Epic Poem About This Gorgeous IPA and I Always Felt Closer to IPAs Than I Did to People , the IPA is the newest release that is being sold directly from Overshores Brewing Co. in East Gaven, Ct. where it was brewed.

According to a post on Evil Twin’s Instagram page, Blomme will be packaged in four-packs of 16-ounce cans ($16) and will have a two four-pack per person purchase limit when it is released on Sept. 23 at Overshores Brewing Co., with 60 case available.