There is now a sweeter Jesus.

Evil Twin Brewing has released bottles of Michigan Maple Jesus, a 12 percent ABV imperial stout that has been aged in BLiS Gourmet bourbon-flavored maple syrup barrels for approximately eight months. The new imperial stout was brewed at Marshall, Mich.-based Dark Horse Brewing Co. and uses Evil Twin’s Even More Jesus (12 percent ABV) as its base, a beer that was first released in 2012.

This is not the first time that the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company has aged its beers in BLiS Gourmet barrels, after it announced that Even More Jesus Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel Aged would be released sometime before the end of the year and it has also teased a version of its Imperial Biscotti Break that uses the barrels as well.

In an email, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, owner of Evil Twin, told Tenemu that 880 cases of Michigan Maple Jesus were released packaged in 12-ounce bottles that will be distributed across the brewery’s distribution network, although the majority will be sold in New York.