Evil Twin Brewing and Jester King Brewery have announced a new collaboration beer, World’s Worst Twin.

The 5.5 percent ABV ale was reportedly inspired by a favorite coffee of the owner of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Evil Twin Brewery, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso. However, instead of using actual coffee in the brewing process, the final beer incorporates blueberries from east Texas and malts along with 6 months of aging in oak barrels to imitate the flavor. The release was brewed and bottled at Austin, Texas-based Jester King Brewery, and there are approximately 1,600 bottles available.

Evil Twin Jester King World s Worst Twin

“If we just added it to the beer, the subtle nuances of this delicate coffee would have been hopelessly lost,” explains the label on the beer. “Rather, we sought to recreate its flavors and aromas in our own unique way through wild fermentation in oak barrels with blueberries and wort brewed with rich, toasty malts.”

Worlds Worst Twin will be sold in 750ml bottles ($16) starting on Friday, January 16 at Jester King. In addition, Evil Twin owner Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso will be on hand at Jester King on Saturday, Jan. 17.

Update (Jan. 5, 2014) — This post was updated from the original published on Nov. 17, 2014 to include details on bottle count, pricing and additional brewing details.