For the second year in a row, Epic Brewing Co. will be releasing three versions of its popular Big Bad Baptist stout, but this year the brewery is including a never before seen variant.

The new incarnation is Triple Barrel Baptist, an imperial stout make up of three different barrel-aged components: the base imperial stout that was aged in both whiskey and rum barrels with cacao nibs; Colombian coffee beans from Blue Copper that were aged in fresh whiskey barrels, and shaved coconut that was aged in fresh whiskey barrels. All of the components were then blended together into the final product before being bottled.

“It’s the kind of beer that you need to just buckle up and enjoy the ride,” says Kevin Crompton, brewmaster at Epic, in a post on the brewery’s website. “There’s a lot going on in the beer but just like listening to music you can pick out different parts and the flavors continue to evolve as you fall down the rabbit hole.”

Next up is the latest version of Big Bad Baptist, an imperial stout brewed with cocoa nibs and coffee beans aged in whiskey barrels. Each season’s release uses a different dark roasted coffee, and this year’s incarnation features Denver-based Corvus Coffee Roasters’ Dead Reckoning Espresso blend, which features a blend of Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffee beans.

Finally, the Salt Lake City, Utah-based brewery will be releasing a new version of Big Bad Baptista, an imperial stout brewed with a “carefully selected blend” of Mexican coffees from Blue Copper Coffee in Salt Lake City, as well as cinnamon, vanilla and a “healthy dose” of locally-produced cacao nibs from Solstice Chocolate before being aged in whiskey barrels. This is the second release of Big Bad Baptista after it debuted last year.

According to Epic, Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist, Big Bad Baptist and Big Bad Baptista will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles that are scheduled to be available at retailers across the brewery’s nationwide distribution network the last week of November.