After having success with its Enjoy By series of IPAs, Stone Brewing Co. will soon be asking consumers to do the exact opposite, releasing a new brett IPA named Enjoy After, not meant to be opened until after a specific date.

Stone Enjoy After

According to a filing with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, the first release in the series will be named Enjoy After 10.31.15 and will have Brettanomyces wild yeast added to it which will add an unknown factor to what the beer will taste like after it develops. According to Stone, the beer will not be fully carbonated until after Oct. 31, 2014, but the brewery is recommending you not open it up until a year later, although you can cellar it for even longer.

Stone Enjoy After Cellar Tips

While a release date for the new beer is not known as of yet, the ABVis listed at 7 percent, and unlike the Enjoy By series, it will be sold in 750-ml bottles.