In 2014, Dugges Bryggeri of Sweden released a small batch of Jasmine Dragon Pearl that clocked 4 percent ABV. It’s a type of beer made specifically for Swedish grocery stores, known as  Folköl, or people’s beer in English.

Due to regulations in Sweden, the 2014 version of the beer was unable to be widely released.

In February, a new version of Jasmine Dragon will feature 3.5 percent ABV in order to qualify and be bottled in 330ml vessels. The “tea flower sour” is made using a barley malt blend and lactobacillus for fermentation. Jasmine Dragon skips the hops and focuses instead on jasmine flowers for flavoring.

In an email to Tenemu Tomas Halberstadt, communications manager for Dugges, said that through Brill and Company “the beer is first and foremost aimed at the Swedish grocery markets, but will also go on export.”