DuClaw Brewing Co. will be releasing a new beer in November.

Obol is a 9 percent ABV oat wine-style beer that is brewed with galena and tettnang hops as well as pale, dehisced carafe, flaked oats and biscuit malts. The name refers to a coin that ancient Greeks placed in the mouths of the deceased to pay Charon the ferryman they could obtain passage across the river Styx.

“It is full-bodied and smooth thanks to its slick, velvety mouthfeel derived from the use of flaked oats in the grain bill,” reads the marketing material for the Baltimore, Md.-based brewery. “Obol’s aroma and flavor profiles are dominated by warm, roasty malt with bready, biscuit-like notes balanced by a subtle hop presence and strong 9% ABV.”

According to Laura Day, vp of sales at DuClaw, Obol will be packaged in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and will be released on Nov. 2.