DuClaw Brewing Co. is making one of it’s most popular beers even bigger.

The Baltimore, Md.-based brewery will be releasing an imperial version of Sweet Baby Jesus! Peanut Butter Porter (6.5 percent ABV) named For Pete’s Sake which is projected to come in at 8.5 percent ABV. The new version of the beer is expected to be brewed with the same fuggle and holdings hops as well as pale, chocolate, crystal, Munich and brown malts. It has not been brewed yet.

The name For Pete’s Sake was chosen after bottles of the brewery’s popular Sweet Baby Jesus! were pulled from Heinen’s grocery store shelves in Ohio due to customers complaints the moniker was offensive.

According to Laura Day, vp of sales at DuClaw, For Pete’s Sake will be packaged in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles, and will be sent to the brewery’s entire distribution network starting on Dec. 7.