Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, announced a new beer, Mother Tree, which is to be released at its Delaware taproom this weekend. Mother Tree is an American barleywine that clocks in at 11 percent A.B.V. after spending seven months in bourbon barrels prior to bottling.

The brewery said the brewers used “oak aging with cubes from American White Oak trees, maple syrup from Sugar Maple trees, elderberry from the Elder Tree, cinnamon tree leaves from Zanzibar Cinnamon Verum trees and black walnuts from American Black Walnut trees. It uses all parts of the tree – the wood, the leaves, the sap, the seeds, and the fruit – resulting in the ultimate ‘Mother Tree.’”

This barleywine is limited to 300 bottles at two-per-person and is set to retail at $20 per 750ml bottle. It will also be available on draft during the release, beginning this Saturday.

More information and details about the release can be found here.