Deschutes Brewery is now shipping its classic winter seasonal for the 31st time.

Jubelale 2018 is a 6.7 percent ABV “festive winter ale” brewed with five hops and five different malts. The ale was the first beer bottled commercially by the Bend, Ore.-based brewery in 1987.

“For me, it really reminds me of the changing seasons here in Bend,” said Brian Faivre, Deschutes’ brewmaster, in a press release video. “The beer itself is known for its warmth, its dried fruit, its spiciness, its toffee character, and it really pairs perfectly with holiday celebration.”

According to email correspondence with Erin Rankin, a spokesperson for Deschutes, Jubelale 2018 is packaged in six- and 12-packs of 12-ounce bottles and is currently shipping to all markets across the brewery’s distribution network.