Originally a draft only product unveiled as part of Deep Ellum Brewing Co.’s 4 Year Anniversary Extravaganza in November, Deep the brewery has announced that Play Date will go on sale tomorrow.

Described by the brewery as “juicy…with notes of sun-kissed fruit, lemon, citrus and melon,” Play Date is an American sour ale brewed with Medjool dates. The fruit itself is highly regarded for its nutritional value, and in Middle Eastern culture the Medjool variety is known as the king of dates.

“We start with our iconic Dallas Blonde as the base and ferment it to dryness with Medjool dates; the earthy tea presence of the dates plays well with acidity to create an ale that is truly free-spirited and unique in character,” said Barrett Tillman, Deep Ellum’s brewer. “Shy of puckering, the resulting tartness is our homage to an unforgettable first kiss.”

According to a press release, Play Date will be available on draft and in 22-ounce bottles beginning Dec. 8.