Cycle Brewing has stopped sales of its newest releases after reports of off flavors surfaced from customers.

The affected beer is Monday 2018 Cocodamia, an imperial stout brewed with coconut, macadamia and coffee before being aged in bourbon barrels.

The imperial stout is one of Cycle’s newest Weekday Releases, a semi-regular series that is made up of different beers released on specific days of the week at the brewery, typically Sunday-Friday. During each of the week-long events, the different beers being sold are named after the day of the week that is released on. IWhile some of the beers feature additional names—as with the Monday release that is the subject of this article—others do not.

“We are beside ourselves over this, we have a lot of safeguards to prevent this from happening but it wasn’t enough,” reads a post on the brewery’s Facebook page. “Our apologies to the folks who already experienced the issues, and for folks who made the trip to get bottles only to be hugely disappointed.”

According to Cycle, the Sunday release—an imperial stout brewed with barrel-aged coffee that was not aged in bourbon barrels like the rest of the releases were—seems to be unaffected, but the brewery is asking customers who purchased either the Sunday or Monday bottles to return them for a full refund if there are any issues.

In addition, Cycle has halted sales of the remaining weekday releases until further notice since “everything was packaged with the same equipment and handled with the same care (which is extensive, but not enough obviously) we simply can’t risk a release at this point.”