Coronado Brewing Co.’s newest release is named after the location where one of its most important ingredients was sourced from.

Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout is an 8 percent ABV sour brewed with 2-row, abbey, crisp 45, Simpson R.B malts as well as northern brewer hops. In addition, cold brewed Guatemalan coffee sourced from Coronado-based Café Moto was added to the beer post-fermentation.

Coronado Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

“It’s packed with intense roast character yet smooth like a cold brew coffee,” reads a press release. “Staying true to the name, Coronado Brewing sources its beans from right under the blue bridge via hometown coffee shop, Café Moto.”

According to a press release, Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout is packaged in 22-ounce bottles and is shipping to all 11 states in the brewery’s distribution network, as well as the countries of Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.